Emulsifier for Drilling Fluid-----SRH-1

Emulsifier for Drilling Fluid-----SRH-1

Model No.︰SRH-1

Brand Name︰Mingde

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 600 / MT

Minimum Order︰10 MT

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Emulsifier for Drilling Fluid-----SRH-1 
Emulsifier for drilling fluid is composed of a variety of surfactants. According to the application temperature, it can be divided into three series: low temperature series(60-100℃)、middle temperature series(100-180℃) and high temperature series(100-180℃).It has good compatibility with drilling fluid, and will not affect drilling fluid in conventional performance. It can be used not only in water-base drilling fluid but also in oil-base drilling fluid. It can form a stable multiple emulsions

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